Saturday, April 21, 2012

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JonnaJonnaA nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye
WuselichWuselichVeeery nice! thumbsup.gif

I actually still searching for the right place for my Om in my homeplace wink.gif

JonnaJonna@Wuselich, is it a big one?
WuselichWuselichNot toooo big ... about 12 cm perhaps...

In India I thoght it's a good size ... back in Germany I think, it could have been the bigger one wink.gif


You should ink it, for sure!


JonnaJonnaink it? is there a tattoo going on?
MarieMarieWell, I have an "Om" tattooed and I´m drawing the next tattoo for me again, but I told Wuselich, she should get the "Om" as a tattoo.
She likes it so much, so..................why not?!


JonnaJonnaOMg, tattoed ladies, how wonderful =)
What is your next artwork?

MarieMarieWell, I´m trying the French Avantgarde Style.
Some kind of this:…

Just black and red.
But not a subject like this,no camera! wink.gif
Xoil, the artist who made it, is fucking great!

The problem will be to find enough free space on my body.
I only have quite big ones.
I´m flirting with the costal arch.
We will see grin.gif

JonnaJonnawow, looks interesting! and what a talented artist

I have not got a single one, i decorate my body by other means instead.

the coastal arch? what do you mean by that?

do you have pics of your tattoos?

MarieMarieAll tattoos are designed by myself, fortunately I can draw quite well wink.gif

Coastal arch:…

Yes, I do have pics of my tattoos, here in DG, too, but only in private.
I´m not a social networker and also I´m a teacher.
I don´t like to show too many things in public wink.gif

JonnaJonnaoh, ok i see. Im just curious since i have a love for art, graphics and design and even work with it. But I totally respect if you want to keep it private.

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