Friday, November 25, 2011

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These are some of the best cookies EVER. I bite off both ends and then suck the milk through them like a straw and the rest of the cookie gets delicious and soggy but still stays crunchy enough to still be a cookie and not just mush and then I eat that too.

You’re jealous.
Hey, I’m eating them and I’m even a little bit jealous of me.

JanJanoh my god sabber.gif they look damn delicious!!!!
WuselichWuselichI think, I need a "Care-Paket" .... hmmm.gif

Hey - I've got an idea:

Let's change! You send me this Cookie - I send you chocolate from Switzerland... hm, hm? Come oooon! wink.gif

CaityCaityJan, they are delicious!

Wuselich, I think this is a good idea! I might have to wait until after Christmas if that is okay because I am a bit low on funds but then we can do it if you like! grin.gif

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