Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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dailyfratze.de/caity on Jan 31, 2012



I got a new shirt! smiley.gif
This is going to be my first week teaching! Wish me luck!

AndréAndréyou will make it! Wish you all the best for your first week of so many...
MarieMarieTeaching children is very easy!


CaityCaityThanks, both of you! I am very excited and so far I like it very much!

Marie, I am teaching secondary school so it is a bit more challenging for me - some of my students are 17 and 18 years old! But I do love my job!

MarieMarieOh I know, the last two years I teached "students", which were between 35 and 63 years old.
And I teached teenager which have been previously convicted.

But I´m sure, you will do a good job!


CaityCaityOh okay so you get it then! Haha! Thank you! I will do my best, yes! smiley.gif

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