Friday, May 18, 2012

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Today is my birthday!
One of my students gave me these earrings. Her mom made them! I thought it was so sweet!

I got heaps of other cards and presents from students. One kid even made me a cake! smiley.gif

Birthday Presents!

Birthday Presents!

AdastraAdastraYay, happy birthday! Your students are awesome! grin.gif
MichaelMichaelHappy birthday, dear Caity!
MarieMarieHappy birthday! smiley.gif
LeaLeaHappy birthday smiley.gif
That's very sweet of your students. I can't remember from my time at school that we ever made presents for our teachers... you must be a very good teacher wink.gif

WuselichWuselichHappy Birthday, dear Caity!

I wish you luck and health and whatever you wish for your new year of age smiley.gif

CaityCaityThank you everyone! Yes, I was really surprised that all the kids made me all these things. The other teachers were even very impressed! It makes me feel special! smiley.gif

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