Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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dailyfratze.de/lindsaymv on Feb 3, 2009
MichaelMichaelSometimes i wonder if i should rename this whole thing dailykatze (dailycat):



JanJanhihi wink.gif
LeaLeahow funny, almost everyone at dailyfratze either has a cat, had a cat or likes cats just the same smiley.gif
OliverOliverQuestion: Do you speak German?
WuselichWuselichRumours, Lea, that're just rumours! .P
JanJani dont like cats...
WuselichWuselichAnd I love mice .. Smilie by GreenSmilies.com
.. and prefer dogs Smilie by GreenSmilies.com

OliverOliverSmilie by GreenSmilies.com
JanJani dont like them because i used to have chicken and they always ate the small chicks...
LeaLeathat's sad, i guess that's the main reason why many people don't like cats...
...dogs smell tongue.gif

JanJandogs are often uneducated...
LindsayLindsayMichael: That made me chuckle while I was at work. smiley.gif

Oliver: I did study German briefly a few years ago, and I still practice occasionally, but I am only proficient enough to hold the most basic of conversations. I work with the elderly and one of my former clients was an Austrian woman. I enjoyed practicing with her, although our talks didn't go much farther than, "Wollen Sie mit mir spielen?" and the like. I am hoping that being here, in addition to allowing me to meet new people and see their beautiful faces, will help me improve in German. If anyone is interested in becoming language buddies, please let me know. wink.gif

I find it so amusing that cat-lovers think dogs are stupid and dog-lovers think cats are stupid. I prefer cats because they are quiet and lazy, like me, and they don't require assistance when going to the bathroom. grin.gif

WuselichWuselich*pst* I don't think cats are stuid - just a bit arrogant wink.gif
When I met a cat I like to play and pet them as well - but I prefer the friendly open nature of dogs.

.. but that thing with the assitance and the bathroom is a good argument lol.gif

What means "If anyone is interested in becoming language buddies, please let me know." - what is a language buddie? I don't understand what that means, sorry.
(and since you are here in Daily Fratze this side is my best friend! wink.gif

LeaLeaCats aren't arrogant, they're anarchists smiley.gif
OliverOlivercool.gif "Spielen?" Here we go! wink.gif
WuselichWuselichO-ber-geil, Olli! thumbsup.gif

... arrogant anarchists, Lea tongue.gif

LindsayLindsayWuselich: By language buddies, I mean language exchange partners. If anyone is interested in writing emails or letters to me in German and having me respond in English so that we are each challenged with the task of translating and learning new vocab, that could be fun and useful. Thanks for the link!
OliverOliverDu hast Post! wink.gif
WuselichWuselichGREAT, LINDSAY!

Here I am - you languge buddy! grin.gif

.. and: Show some mercy with me wink.gif

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