Monday, February 9, 2009

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Daily Katze Zwei

adastraadastraOMG, your cat's name is Dexter? That's awesome! grin.gif My aunt in NJ has a cat called Dexter, and I also tried to name one of my parent's new cats Dexter, but unfortunately my mother didn't like any of the names I picked (Dexter, Spike, Fry, Roxy) and decided to give them the most horrible and uncreative names instead (Freddie, Ginny, Rusty, Fanny (WTF?)). Next time I'll give her names like Shakespeare or Ivanhoe, maybe those'll stick...

BTW, we usually use the Tag "Pet" for pets instead of Co-Starring wink.gif

LindsayLindsayThanks for the tagging tip! I got Dexter from the local animal shelter, but he came with the name Monty Ray Jack, which I thought was simply cruel. I named him after my favorite television serial killer instead, because of his friskiness and the disturbingly creative sculptures he makes out of his litter. A very strange cat indeed.

I have another that I inherited from my mother, and he has a rather boring name (Milo) so I feel your pain in the uncreative cat name department. I like to call him Milosz instead, after Czeslaw Milosz the poet. They're both chubby. grin.gif

MichaelMichaelOh no, another series junkie here… I gotta go grin.gif
adastraadastraI guess Dexter is everyone's favorite serial killer here... wink.gif
@ Adastra's favorite serial killer

But that's right - it's a cute serial killer, this Dexter *miezmiez*

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