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Daily Fratze would not be possible without many great libraries, so i try to mention the most important. In case i miss something, please let me know.

Daily Fratze is a Spring based application as mentioned in the technical details. I use Hibernate as a JPA2 provider. Thanks to both frameworks for being a rock solid base for Java web applications.

Some notable highlights on the server side are

  • wro4j for helping me with the JavaScript deployment. I can have many js and css files in development but have a great runtime solution to deliver just one js and one css file.
  • Joda Time for making everything regarding dates and times in Java actually usable.
  • Many of the Apache Commons libraries for sparing me the same tasks over and over again.
  • oauth-signpost is a simple but functional OAuth 1 provider.

On the client side most of the hard work is done by the incredible jQuery. I use Modernizr to test what is possible in the users browser.

  • The infinite scrolling on the user and blog pages is realized with the Infinite scroll plugin by Paul Irish.
  • The nice horizontal image quilts on the user pages are created with iScroll by Matteo Spinelli.
  • The lightbox view of the daily images is done by an older version of FancyBox by Janis Skarnelis.
  • The charts on the statistic pages are created with the incredible Highcharts JS script.
  • I use to different carousel. The Waterwheel Carousel by Brian Osborne for the navigator on the days and a slightly modified version of jCarousel for the archive view on different pages.
  • Although it is possible to use every form on Daily Fratze without javascript i used the jQuery Form plugin to ajaxify them all.

Thanks to all developers, individuals and teams, who share code and libraries, you rock.

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