Friday, March 1, 2013

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MichaelMichaelNow this car is an American cliche, isn't it? Wouldn't fit in our city wink.gif
PetePeteFirst, it's a truck. Second, you are absolutely right. My Japanese truck would never fit in Germany.
MichaelMichaelPlease, don't take any offense in my comment. I'm not a car specialist, the truck just looks very big to me. Sorry.
MichaelMichaelI really can't tell which brand it is. I just looked it up: maximum allowed width for common vehicles in Germany is 2.55m.

Also, I don't think that a truck is something a private person drives in Germany, the first translation that comes to my mind is LKW which is is a vehicle for transporting goods.

PetePeteNo offense taken!! smiley.gif Trucks are very American. Although, by American standards, mine is small!!
MichaelMichaelThis is an article that portraits a RAM as a goliath and it really is for German standards:…
PetePeteI just posted the broader shot in the blog.... not nearly as huge as the Ram!!
AdastraAdastraIn America, everything is ridiculously over-sized wink.gif
PetePeteIt's true.
MichaelMichaelOk, you're right… that truck would fit in our parking spot as well wink.gif


ruth Jansenruth JansenAlso......
Andy fuhr diese Woche mit Wolfgang´s neuem "FORD" in unseren Hof,
der sah fast so aus.... ?!? grin.gif Der passt in keine Garage!

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