Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Magnify on Feb 16, 2014
MichaelMichaelWaiting for the Facebook comments… wink.gif I should import them again into Daily Fratze.

Hope, you're well… have a nice evening!

PetePetehaha. the performance goes on.
MichaelMichaelRemind's me that i'd love to have cup of coffee with you sometime… Maybe including but not only staring at the kitchen sink wink.gif
PetePetesmiley.gif The pleasure would be mine! Give me a head's up, so I can make sure the dishes are washed!
MichaelMichaelI've never been to the US and A but I'd hope i'll manage in time when everything seems is as easy as now, but i want to take the family with me. I'll think it's ok when the little one is older than 3.
PetePeteYes, it makes sense to wait until he's 3... so he'll have some memories of the trip, and you won't have to carry him everywhere!

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