This is a small overview of all the things you can do on Daily Fratze and of all the ways in which you can view your photos.

The following URLs which are marked with a (*), my username ( michael) can be exchanged for any other username.

Viewing photos


Daily Fratze provides you with detailed user statistics on dailyfratze.de/michael/stats (*) and with general statistics on dailyfratze.de/app/stats

All following actions require you to be logged in with a valid user account:

Uploading pictures


  • A new friend can be added via the button “Add friend” in the corresponding user profile. The newly added friend will receive an e-mail. Once a user is added to a friend list, it is possible to remove the user with the button in the same location now labelled “Remove from friends”.
  • View friend activities: dailyfratze.de/my/friends

Managing you profile

All relevant settings can be edited on your profile page: dailyfratze.de/my/profile

Writing messages

Members of Daily Fratze may write each other messages via dailyfratze.de/my/messages

Trips, Events and timelines

Trips can be created with dailyfratze.de/my/trips. The distance of a trip is the cumulated distance of all georeferenced pictures in the period of the trip.

Selected days can be turned into a timeline event. On the page dailyfratze.de/my/events unassociated events can be added as well. These events will be summarized in form of a timeline, e.g. dailyfratze.de/michael/timeline (*)

It is possible to search for photos dailyfratze.de/search as well as for tweets dailyfratze.de/search/tweets

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