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Michael Simons


dailyfratze.de/michael on May 26, 2016

written about May 26, 2016

Great track by @elle_va_oche, a little bit challenging though, on a crosser:

dailyfratze.de/michael on May 25, 2016

written about May 25, 2016

Superschönen Abend auf dem “Historischen Jahrmarkt” in Kornelimünster verbracht. Wetter war super und entspannt wie lange nicht mehr dort.

dailyfratze.de/michael on May 22, 2016

written about May 22, 2016

Agree to disagree wink.gif

dailyfratze.de/michael on May 20, 2016

written about May 20, 2016

Leaving sunny Barcelona after having a blast @spring_io.

After hanging around with a large part of the Pivotal Spring engineering team, even meeting very friendly Jürgen Höller, I took the time to walk from the location to Plaça d’Espanya and enjoyed the area:



Palau Nacional, home of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, really beautiful:


I wish I had have had more time, but anyway. Although taxi felt very cheap in Barcelona compared to Aachen, I took the Airport Bus for a mere 11 EUR something.

Some great views from the plane:




As I said, it was a blast and I’m hopefully doing this again some time soon.

dailyfratze.de/michael on May 19, 2016

written about May 19, 2016

Welcome to IT conference circus smiley.gif I’m glad I tried that for, speaking on public on a conference:


The first day at Spring I/O 2016 in Barcelona was great. @snicoll and @phillip_webb did an amazing keynote and i even managed to sneak in through some minor commits to Spring Boot:


My talk about creating custom Spring Boot starters, which is at GitHub, was immediately after and as soon as i started, it felt just right for me. I’ve been working and blogging with and about that stuff for so long, it was the right thing to do and judging from the feedback, the solid 4 star rating and my twitter feed, people liked it, too:


Now I’m really anxious to view the video (talk was recorded in full).

After that, i really could enjoy the conference and was really happy to meet several people “from the internet”, among them the cool @bitboss, who’s talk about caching in general and how to do it with Spring was great.

Having fun at the party:


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