DailyFratze (daily faces) is a ‘personal’ project. That’s why there is no regular registration. Instead, please send an e-mail to if you’d like to participate in this project. If I don’t know you personally, it’s best to include a picture of you and write a few words about yourself, so I get can to know you little.

DailyFratze is free, the requirements are simple: a camera and lots of stamina.

The probability of getting an account can be increased if you start taking pictures of yourself for a few weeks in a row, to see if you’ve got the stamina. Then you can just show me those pictures by sending me them, taking a screenshot of them or by uploading them somewhere on the internet. Those pictures won’t be a waste of time – once you get an account, they can easily be uploaded as a zip file and will be included in your profile.

DailyFratze has many features: Blogging, iTunes/ integration, widgets for your own websites, public and non-public accounts, buddy lists, and many more.

You can also use this form to apply for an account.

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