Sunday, November 27, 2011

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damnit, missed a day by 53 minutes! >_<

MichaelMichaelThis is an idea for later: Optional reminders wink.gif
MaggieMaggieOooh thanks @Michael, didn't know there was a feature on here like that~ =)
MichaelMichaelNo there is no such feature yet, sorry… I once thought about it but never created it… So much to do, so less time… smiley.gif But i've added it to my "todo"

It's not that easy, though. "Send reminders at 11pm" must be converted to local time etc. Got to think about it.

AdastraAdastraA phone alarm works for the beginning, but eventually it will become habit wink.gif
JanJanwhohoo... michael, we need a dailyfratze sms gateway for sending reminder via sms wink.gif
CaityCaityHaha I started setting phone alarms. At least I am not the only one. At least it has worked. I had almost 2 flawless months besides the week I was away and messed up. I am getting good at this. tongue.gif

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