Friday, November 10, 2017

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Still #Movember.

I’m quit happy at the moment. Today I was blown away by some real positive feedback from a customer.

So I promised to write down my reasons to participate in #Movember. Here’s number one.

I’m doing quite some sports as some know and I mostly try to live healthy. We eat only very reasonable (read: small) amounts of meat, avoid most sweetened drinks and things like that. Sometimes I drink to much and I have a real problem with chips. I never smoked, apart from moments at parties where I was totally wasted. Even if I am not obsessed with health, I try not to ignore it. And doing that can save lives. Your life.

12 years, back in 2005, I felt a knot in a body part where it absolutely did not belong during having a shower. I waited about 3 or 4 weeks before I went to saw an Urologist and hours after that I was diagnosed with testicle cancer at the age of 26. Bummer.

I had the full story for some time in my old blog, but the searches leading to the post became creepy at some point. The short version is that I had two operations and one round of chemo. I was devastated, depressed and drank myself in work after first operation and chemo. I was back in the office after 3 weeks. Not a good idea. It actually took more time to heal.

Today I have to wonderful kids.

What I am trying to say is this: Listen to your body. Especially to changes. Go visit a doctor if in doubt. If sick, take your time if you can by any means.

I cannot say that I was raised as “a man who doesn't show pain or doesn't need a doctor”, but I did and I sometimes do live that way. I think that has nothing to do with being a woman, a man or something else. People are afraid of losing their job, losing respect or afraid of being labeled as not able. I’d prefer a society where this is not necessary.

Having said that, I do want to link the Movember foundation anyway. You can donate under this link. Take care.

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