Saturday, November 4, 2017

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#Movember day 4. I’m running free:
Iron Maiden- Running Free

As said 2 days ago, I’ve always been a cyclist, even back in school days. Over the last 2 years, with growing stress mostly at worked, I didn’t really care what I was eating throughout the day and especially drinking during the evening and night and ended up with an all-time high of 87kg in Summer this year. I really did not feel good in any cloth anymore.

I started running at end of June, beginning of July. That was not much fun. It was painful. A month later, I bought a Garmin vívosmart® HR+. I have a Garmin fan since I traveled with a GPS device through the Alpes back in 2008. The device is still working. The vivosmart is great device too. Build-in good enough GPS tracking and good heart rate monitor. I wore it the whole summer holiday.

In the end, I sold it to my friend @eller82 and bought myself a Garmin Fenix 5s watch.


I wanted to have a fitness track that I can wear on a daily base and what can say? The Fenix is an awesome device. I usually charge it once a week with 3 two 4 outdoor activities in between. It has everything I “need” from a smartwatch and even more for a fitness device. After using it for 3 months now, it really changed parts of my life. For example, I take care getting up from the desk every hour or so and walk a few steps.

The Garmin iOS app is nice, too. It offered to connect with a tool “My fitness pal”, which is an app to track your eating habits. What running and other sports didn’t do alone, counting calories did. I didn’t actually change my diet but just eat less. Since August I lost about 7kg and feel way better ever since.

Today, I ran 10km with an elevation gain of about 200m in an hour smiley.gif

But honestly, one does not have to gear up hardware- or app-wise. It’s more important to realize if you’re ignoring your body and wellbeing for too long due to stress and task, wether they are self-inflected or not. Doing more and especially more dedicated sports did help me a lot not ran into full burnout this year.

Here’s a link where you can donate to the Movember-Foundation This foundation collects money to fight prostate and other types of cancer. Donations are deductible (at least in Germany).

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