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Michael Simons


dailyfratze.de/michael on Mar 18, 2018

written about Mar 18, 2018

12. in meiner Altersklasse, 84. gesamt. Finde ich cool:


dailyfratze.de/michael on Mar 16, 2018

written about Mar 16, 2018

Endlich ein zweites Dock für die Switch gekauft und zur Feier dann auch mal Zelda ausgepackt. Ein wunderbares Spiel.

dailyfratze.de/michael on Mar 15, 2018

written about Mar 15, 2018

Back in Brühl for the @iJUGev meeting.

JavaLand 2018 was a remarkable experience, thanks to every participant involved.

dailyfratze.de/michael on Mar 14, 2018

written about Mar 14, 2018

I started the day with #JavaLand running, a good thing todo, rehearsed my talk (and was wondering why I could hear some guys outside my room (turned out, that I left the door open)) before I went into the park.

Good talks, fun community keynote. My @INNOQ colleague @michaelvitz opened the INNOQ/Michael* track:


with interesting stuff in Java 9 and 10. Thanks Michael, lots of stuff I didn’t know about!

I got increasingly nervous when I saw that:


and minutes later that


But I think I delivered a decent talk:


Thanks for having me! Slides are here

After that, I rushed to Aachen for @euregjug where we had @olivergierke


dailyfratze.de/michael on Mar 13, 2018

written about Mar 13, 2018

Opening keynote. If you look closely, you’ll find my name:


I was super happy for my mentee @ch4inl3ss, his talk was not only excellent, but very well listed, too:



Also, I really liked what @ira_res did with @neo4j. Excellent talk as well.

Apart from that, I grew increasingly nervous throughout the day in expect of my own talk on Wednesday. Also the grey weather took it’s toll.

@dpunkt_verlag made some effort to the great @aelindara to get a “copy” of my book at their boot. Thanks a lot! The final typesetted PDF is just beautiful.


Before hanging with @hschwentner (see main picture) again, @sebi2706 had a good time reviewing some @keycloak and @springboot integration.

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