Blog 7/2016


…and gone

Sometimes i click through the Links, where I have collected “real” Daily Photo projects over the years. Stuff, that started before the “selfie thing”. I often find projects abandoned (just stopped), sometimes stuff just disappears.

Yesterday I found Jonathan Kellers “Adaption To My Generation” gone, the old site redirects to, showing a kind of angel and the the title “JK is gone”. Jonathan always stated that his project, which run over 16 years straight, will end the day he dies. His project was together with Petes, Jasons, Noah Kalinas, The twins the oldest I’m aware off which run straight without interruption.

I felt eerily touched by this simple “gone” message.

Next week, my own passage through time will enter it’s 12th year. The experience of the last eleven years are part of me, but looking back at my 25 year old self from 2005: It feels like a lifetime away.

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